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Dum Dum Girls Too True There’s a great piece of writing advice that is, I think, attributed to Raymond Chandler: [...]

Deap Vally  Sistrionix                 I’ve noticed a trend in rock reviews.  A lot of bands with crunchy guitars and rocking [...]

Brujas Del Sol Moonliner Brujas Del Sol (Witches of the Sun) are based in Columbus, Ohio, but I suspect they [...]

Brad Good Third Generation Only Son     Most times when a record comes through the mail slot, what it [...]

Lurking in Indianapolis alleys, gin joints, and strip clubs, Rick Dodd and the Dickrods are brewing up a wicked brew [...]

No, don’t wait.  Get this album now. No Joy (composed mainly of Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd) are an amazing [...]