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I was in Grimey’s record store in Nashville in early September and browsing for anything that caught my eye, but [...]

Good news: The Flaming Lips’ newest album, The Terror, is actually quite creepy.  You’d be disappointed if an album called [...]

Life is hard.  It’s a daily deluge of heartache, frustration, anger, and boredom, mercifully interrupted by death or a breath [...]

Three words: Cigar.  Box.  Guitar. I liked Hymn 4 Her in the first twenty seconds of the opening track, “Mojave,” [...]

Iron Tongue: The Dogs Have Barked, The Birds Have Flown. Metal bands aren’t particularly noted for their sensitivity or heart-wrenching [...]

Sin City Scoundrels tear it all up for us!  I’ve seen this band fire up and cause mosh pits and [...]