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3 Moon House Concerts Southwest Gallery Dallas, TX   The house concert concept and circuit is a bit of a [...]

Clutch, The Sword, and Crobot – Club Fever, South Bend, Indiana – January 09, 2014                 It was cold.  Snow [...]

Mark Allan Atwood and Brimstone, Gary P. Nunn and the Bunkhouse Band on a Friday Night at Love and War In Texas. Friday, [...]

“This is no dress rehearsal, we are professionals, and this is the big time.” – Waylon Jennings “Those words from [...]

Something very cool that will endure for years began quietly yet effectively in Fort Worth, Texas on Sunday, the 30th [...]

Country Punk band, Jason and The Punknecks from Nashville, TN equals hardcore road warriors, hardcore workers, and hardcore players.  My [...]