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A CONVERSATION WITH TERRY JENNINGS   The 1970s and early ‘80s were half-drunk and hollow-eyed.  There were wars, rumors of [...]

Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition Wicked Spell   In 2012 we reviewed Incommunicado, the sophomore full-length album from [...]

Kurt Fortmeyer One More Night In Nashville     A fundamental component of country music’s timeless appeal has always been [...]

Big G’s Texas Roadshow August 2014 Imagine four days in the fall in Western Kentucky, Bowling Green to be exact. [...]

Dahga Bloom No Curtains             My wife and I walked in late to Dahga Bloom’s set at the 2014 Austin [...]

Bo Ningen   III             One word to describe this Japanese acid-punk quartet: Jaw-dropping. I’d heard a lot of good [...]